Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are you a specialist in Investment?

When talking about saving money, There are a number of specialist guide you to buy this products or that products. They named it as Investment Analysis or Assets Management Consultant. So specific professional but their job actually act as an agent. They earn commission by way of selling on such products. They not even know about the products.

So, you can try ask few question to them. Like: -

a) What is main cause on the current financial crisis?
b) What is main export and import of Malaysia?
c) What is Country economic base?
d) Why your product should select such stocks or What is the said company core business?

I think not even one can tell you. If you are the International player. Some more you can ask What is ETP or CDS? How they can help you earn money? What is the benefit of those product to the bank?

So, the big corn body is retirement funds. They compulsory force every employee save some ratio of the earning to the funds. So, one day the Government Bonds also can be default. How the retire man can survive?

They have some way to ignore such negative points and so tell people in lie. I do see one fund in Malaysia never registered lose although the market drop until 200 points. Although they claimed that all money invest in shares. Furthermore they can contribute bonus plus dividend in that specific year.

Until today, the god of shares " Warrent Buffet" still gain and so gain the title as super investor in the world. Maybe I do agree that because although he felt sick. He had enough money to see doctor. He also got saving enough to buy his first house. So, all money for invest never change it and maintain as 50 years ago. As an ordinary people, how many got such luck as me. In yours family, maybe today you son need further study force you to sell yours stock in hand. or maybe tomorrow you parents illness need money for operation that also force you to sell yours in hand stocks. how many times you can save yours share on such changes?

Based on that, How many specialist of shares investment can standing in front of you and claimed that he is so unique? How many specialist can convince you to trust them?

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