Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Excuse

Today morning, a friend asked me whether I know the location of one place. So am I. Why he wanted to ask me such question? Because he just wanna to purchase a condo/apartment from there. Actually the behind story is, he is buying for his kid.

Now, our market trend is like that. If parent aware in the early stage on his kids buying a house or a properties. Normally the kids actually do not have such ability to buy over the assets. He /she need parent to support. If the parent is a last one to aware his kids has been bought a properties, normally is from some other way and not through his kids' mouth.

The conversation is funny and give me some idea to write something at here. The above matter, normally will bring some effects:
a) Among the brothers and sisters start quarrel
b) Existing properties in hand force to sell it
c) Restructure the assets in hand.

Some how the old parent feel struggle and disappointed on kids reaction. Finally unhappy mood accumulated and waiting one day become as bomb.
The above circumstances normally happen in middle range family. Thats won't be happen in poor and rich family.

So, refer to investment on stocks. Which got such issues in hand as above? Most of the companies have such problem. Among the listed companies, 90% got such problem. The more argument inside the company, actually is good. Because investors easily obtain some information.
Actually the main question "is not worth to buy it or not". Most of the people just need some support or convince on his/her step. Otherwise, one day if he/she is wrong. He cannot sustain and take it.

I am always tell those old man. Please do it for your own. Money need circular out by way of spend and 100% not for transfer. Because finally it need to spend it only know its real value. Like the above case, he had planned it in early stage keep few houses in hand. But now need to sell it to cover the new one. So, who will suffer?????

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