Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Day Was Gone

During the week, shares market value loss about 32 trillion. Who is loser? Let us imagine if one day index become zero, shares value converted to money. What is the effect?

Is it similar like you had visit another country and now turn back to home? Is it like you read a book finally you earn nothing? Or maybe seem like you score a goal but finally lose the champion?
I do not know but anyhow you should learn that theory because once you are never selling the stocks in hand. You should aware that is the consequences.

Perhaps you are hope one day the price can reach you margin and gain back the same but actually you have loss yours time on one game. Life is beautiful because it should not allow one thing block you step further to taste others.

A day was gone mean you loss something in your life. If you turn back you can't enjoy something better than now.

Shares market just is a one of the game in your life. Just further imagine, one day if you could collect entire world money. Is it the world much more beautiful than now? Definite the answer is "NO". So, earn now and spend now make yourself happy with no burden.

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