Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are you need an economic book?

Nowadays, a lot of people start take an economic book for reference. They are trying hard to understand more on current economic crisis. So, are you one of them. I am still remember when I took an economic start study for my exam, I felt loss because I do not have any good basic on my upper level of A level. So many graft into the syllabus and it was totally confused me.
Human have been accumulated so much of experience to help a country build a stability of grown. But finally such economic books does not provide any help to them on current crisis. WHY?

Such politician care about feeling of voter. Sometime they refused such good medicine for their country and accept unreasonable demand.from voter. On the same time, they lose a decade to help population living in peaceful life. Every budgeting handle by civil servant and most of the benefit have been distributed by same group of people. Prime Minister or President not aware of it. So, they just presented in the Parliament and keep informing people of the country. That is good for everybody.

As an ordinary people look at the such statement or budget proposal. Just can accept it and so finally noted that actually the resources have been passed into "AIR". No one enjoy it and not even taste it but few hundred billion dollars have spend out. So, who got the right to reject it such proposal or budgeting.
Economist just busy on evaluate it when the crisis was happen. Why they do not want to stop it in the initial part.

Is it economist study on demand and supply attached with human behaviour or human behaviour plus certain condition affected the demand and supply. Is it the line onto the chart reflected the real situation of basic needs of people. Is it monetary policy still effective when over borrowings by one nation or one country. is it centralise of bank can take immediate action to prevent the down trend of economic. When crisis happen Is it should allow such bad things eliminated  by natural way? or Created another scope of way to restructure of economic. Is it without the demand and supply behaviour will more helpful to ordinary people?

I am not a professor of economic but such above issue already confuse our economist in the world. Why they still believed such currency policy can help a country come back from crisis? I really not understand.

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