Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Much you can offer?

If someone asked you to sell your in hand Osk Holding shares. How much you can accept the offer? Maybe 2.80, 1.80 or 1.60? Those analysis quickly set some price in the media to induce someone follow their price. They enforce someone follow how many times of NTA or NVA, that can help their gain somethings with their in hand holding.

As an ordinary holders, you have been confused by them. What should I do now? Accept or reject? Or maybe pray hard the deal won't go off. Actually this game you should avoid it in the beginning stage because the end benefit shall not deliver to you. If you so lucky hold so long in the past 3 years at lower price. You should take this opportunity run away. It may cause yours earn lesses if the deal price higher than your current selling price. but it won't bring you lose anything. A smart investors should not aim higher he should targeted average and consistence gain in the long period.

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