Friday, November 25, 2011

A Good Hard Talk in CNBC

Yesterday, CNBC got a hard talk among of few economist. They had advised Government should not put in money into Banking system. They should give the money or settle the debt for ordinary people who owe money to bank. So, immediate effect is every tax payer reduce heavy burden on interest plus principle and so indirectly assist bank got enough cash flow liquidity.
That is ideal method because the effect every consumer increase the spending power and so corporation can invest more with more recruitment. I do believe if every one has spend a dollar into market. The subsequent brought 10 times of cash flow into liquidity.
So, why government still wanna to select bank as rescue party. That's politic agenda with total ignoring ordinary people benefit. You can refer to senator of USA, every one having more than 60 million dollar wealth and most of the assets have been invested into financial instrument to maximum the return. If Government select ordinary as rescue party, they hardly earn a single cent. Finally must agree the bond which was invested must reduce more than 50%. The assets reduce heavily with zero return.

If the above circumstance is true. The occupy Wall street should use it as main theme to fight rather than now just sleeping at there for nothing.

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