Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beauty and The Beast

A cartoon story with full of love emotional attracted everyday trusted the dream. We always believed as long as you are trying and so you are ugly. But you are still eligible have someone loving you. Although is hope plus little wish, so on there is never fail you in yours life.

Now days, people grading you are worst because you are poor. If you do not have money to invest means you are not qualify be a human. So, riches people created a ground to play such a game and namely it Shares Investment. In order to repeat the profit margin in short period of time, they also apply multi way to analysis the assets. Actually the asset can not provide such return but Wall Street people use convince way to repack the same thing and resale again.

What is the meaning of 1000 points or 10,000 points. Is it the company can contribute 1000 times of profit to you or maybe 10,000 times of profit to you. The points system already confuse you as such way. Similar like if today General Electric record as USD100. Does it means it can help you earn hundred in that year? So, the logic of investment has been out.

The analysis equipment like PE ratio. Earning ratio or evaluating the Turnover has been misuse it to divert investor attention. Like today if market drop 1000 points. Does it means GE can't earn 1000 dollar in this year?

So, those economic professor should think a new theory to revalue the asset and given us a clear picture about the investments. Of course like me, really can't understand Why we should use such a way to revalue a share price. Actually those professors from Yale University still applying such theory like spending by government can push up the economic or measurement of supply and demand of forex should be able to well know the circle of the economic. Or use interest rate to monitor the spending power. All have been proven that current economic crisis would not eliminated by such a way.

So, to define the specific share price should more realistic to reflect the earning power by way of evaluating of the impact of the changing of environment. Rather than use one way like monopoly of specific product as major factor for measurement its earning power.

So, as your are aware Beast does not forever ugly. It can turn it as beauty as you wish but subject to certain conditions to fulfill it. Are you want to be beauty as artificer way or ugly but actually is your real face/feature. That's up to individual to define it.

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