Monday, November 14, 2011

Are you have some penny stocks?

Those analysis now panic. With the current rally of the penny stocks, they had confused. So, in order to stop such stocks give high return yield. They must do something. In the local media, they claimed that those stocks without any fundamental value support. But some time they have forgotten those stocks actually being recommended by them in the past. 

Those analysis report give to trust fund manager in advance before publishing into market. So, they can earn higher than ordinary people.. I do not know why SC and Bursa never question them at all. Such authority just blame on someone who keep those penny stocks from the past and now consider as unusual market activities. I am still remember a counter namely "Transmile" is the one which have been fully recommended by those super analysis. But finally the earning and turnover is "False".

The market force also discrimination on bad performance company. As an responsible analysis should given their experience on those company which would have lose direction instead of just recommend " Hold". Sell or Buy. It is similar like a sales man selling the products..


GAN said...

Are you investing in stocks?

Gavin Teoh said...

horrible english! Please please please

klsekaki said...

bad english, but he will improve. He tried, just need time.