Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Monkey and A Cow

A monkey wondering why Cow wake up so early in the morning. So, one of the day he had stopped cow and then asked" Why you are wake up so early?" The Cow answered" because I need to work". Hear that, Monkey can't understand because in his life. Playing, sleeping and enjoying is more important. He really do not understand Why "working" is so important. Monkey go back and search his country's dictionary. The interpretation of "Work" in his book meaning equivalent to "welfare". Monkey's government should provided that to all monkey. So, he stop worry and then continue playing and enjoying.

After past 30 years, Government of monkey had sold everything to exchange the joyful life. A cow has been collected some many of forest and land in hand. Now, monkey must rent a piece a land from Mr Cow. Further, monkey must visit Cow's country frequently because he need offer some bond to Mr Cow.

Actually Mr Cow really not understand Why monkey always visit his country. Here ,do not have any funny thingy for Monkey. Mr Cow also not interested those bond issue by Monkey Empire. Why he need to buy from them.

Mr cow got so many population need to survive. How can his simply buy thing without any return. Because there is saving for future needs. Those paper does not mean everything. Mr cow also worry one day monkey will use weapon to grab all the assets of him. How can his still support them full stomach.

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