Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is Personality?

a)      First, In the enterprise/company, we should not create a standardize behavior as well as sample personality for all the staffs. Because I trust and respect every human being is a separate legal entity. They own a right “ to think”, “to act” and “ freedom”. Basically, we do not want to create a “robot” to work with us. Hence, a company should not set special rule control individual’s personality. Especially those who have some specific intelligent ability with a little wild personality.  
b)      Second, in the world we do not have such appropriate evaluate equipment to measure a standard personality for specific job. So, sometime we can see a person with good personality during normal environment but he has changed good personality in the crisis time. A good example has been happen in China. During earthquake happen in the sezhuan, a school teacher run away himself without brought any student together. He was told that is normal human being reaction. So, we could imagine during his examination he should failed in moral or ethic subject but in fact he was pass through all examination and so be a teacher. Is that any way identified a person with good personality? Is that good personality can keep forever in your lifetime?
c)       Good personality may block innovation idea. Refer to Eastern Countries education system, we provided all answer for all question because we need to score high mark in the exam. On the other hand, Western Countries teacher ask student to find out the answer for question. That is  big different between the two systems. In the western, school kids always naughty and disobey or maybe stop further study during high school level if he/she find out some new theory. That’s also can get supporting by his parent.  Eastern education must have systematic with good discipline. So, we hardly allow a youngest stop his education although his is creative. Like if you have drawing comic talent and asking a support from home. Definitely will be rejected. So, parent requested you be good personality to obey as well as salute to them. If one day you are rejecting, you may classified as with inadequate personality.  Is it corporation needed a people with obey personality? Is it obey personality can achieve high revenue? Is it systematic personality can create a good objective? If I am aware some mistakes occur during changing of environment. Should I keep quite because of guidance personality?
Based on above analysis and as my colleague mentioned just now. Those famous people in the world normally own a very special character. They are lucky enough and never block by anyone when they are executing the talent with their dreams. So, a surprising product/ theory appear into our world. Are you intends to adopt your expected personality into those genius? Or Giving them a special education of personality book for them to study?
 Hence I dare to say there is not specific designed personality should adopt into company policy. That will block company employ a well ability people into the task. Leader or manager should well know about his staff personality and fit them into appropriate position for them to explore. Rather than inadequately assign them a simple job and claim them lack of personality. Like careful character should offer him an Audit post. Like who has destroying behavior should employ him to demolished the old building or dismantle the obsolete machine. Who have lazy character should ask him be normal routine assignment.
 I do agree a basic personality should applying/adopting in the working field, like “good attitude to face problems, honest and faithful”. Of course that’s need time to educate them. At last, I could say ability is very important when you had assigned to carry the specific job. It is needed and compulsory must have!

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