Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lose Money????

Received a mail claims maybe I was lose so much of money in the shares market. Actually, after wrote a last article at here. I have been stop the trading.

The uncertain scenario brought me stay away and I did believed my own judgement " market should have a big adjustment". Yesterday, the things was happen. So when can I step in again. Of course, I need to collect more data to identify the future. Basically after the heavy adjustment and technical rebound on Friday in US DJ. It should be have a small up rally. But, unfortunately the S&P downgrade the credit rating on late Friday. So, the effect of down move will continue once market open in Monday, especially who had hold more reserve in US currency countries.

Asian market like HK, China and Japan sure have heavy adjustment because most of the forex reserve is USD. I am a type of hit and run speculator. So, what is the right time for me move in????