Monday, November 21, 2011

Is it Need to prohibited Politician Family step into business?

Recently a stock shut up crazy. Because market player believed someone have power should be able to granted to his son have more resources to expand the company. So, is it Bursa did somethings on that. Market analysis keep on advise please do not involved such speculating. That is not fundamental stock and so over value. 

In the first place, why government never enforce a law to prohibited. If some one have own higher power, the relative should not able to gain any direct or indirect contract to any relative. Current crisis happen in the Middle East Countries had guided us a very good example. Why we still wanna to repeat? 

Most of the higher level position person in the middle east control all wealth in the country. So, now the Revolution kicked them out. Subsequently the whole country continue unhappy and it could not back to normal as before. Such conflict of interest made everyone suffer. It does not give me and you any advantage especially who did not involve in share investment game. Of course selfish people do not like my comment because if their investment can't give them any yield. They will start blaming.  

Yesterday I had read an article, he said every things are the wealth. We should not narrowly aim for money only. Health is your wealth. Steady career is your wealth. Family harmony is your wealth. Peaceful staying environment  is your wealth. That's right.

Market can't provide any steady income in the next two years. Because this virus call "loss confident". No one can earn any capital gain from any stocks if you keep such stock more than 3 months.