Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why U wanna keep customer database?

Like Digi, Maxis and Celcom they keeping a lot of customers data base. This all  is their extra income and they used it to cover their upkeep & maintenance cost. How they earn? Where they from? Like Bank need a lot of customers information to do collection, recruit the new customers and promote Bank products. So, The telecommunication sell this information to them.

They do not care about user feeling. Act never prohibited them to do so. As an user, actually you are stand in the open area and allow someone aim you as target. So, sometime you may cheat by corn man. Because if you can sell one information into market means you are actually start spread over the information to others.

Similar we use Facebook upload some picture for fun but someone misused it as weapon and so attack you in the cyber. Do you have such bad feeling, just like in the open area take a bath. Who can stop them? If local authority smart enough, they should control it in order to prevent someone misused it. Or maybe force them donate such income into charity funds. 

When they sell it they never fear but one day the celcom, telekom & Digi 's CEO information accidently transform to someone. They may feel it what other people fears.