Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Tax on Riches Man

I believed most of the minority interest on listed company always claim that such directors received some much of benefit from the company. If Government need to implemented the tax and help company run in more transparency. It should be imposed a tax on their salary by way of not allowable directors salaries and benefits taken up as deductable expenses into account.

So, encourage them by way of give to staff and workers salary extra allowances by way of free tax on extra 50% deduct as expenses into company account. Set a limit for every director yearly income should not more than 500k to 750k per annum. The excess pay out consider add back as income and maybe impose that extra income tax on all excess payment of salary to directors. Encourage them by way of payment more dividend on that to push up the economic. On the same time, whoever employ a staff or worker more than 6 months, incentive tax will given on that.

The impact of current instability of economic, should encourage people more work and should give a extra allowances on those people who work more than 10 years in his career. Every 10 years give another special allowances on that.

President of USA should apply multi way of deduction on long services workers by way of given more incentive on that. Company which can employ 50 to 100 staffs or workers with 5 years above. Should enjoy more discount on taxation.

Those company can provided Staffs or Directors shares option should pay double tax on first 5 years and subsequently reduce it in the next five years.

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