Friday, September 9, 2011

Low Cost Flats- PPR

Yesterday, I was read a news about the low cost flat. The minister said they going to implement the new system PPR to identify the low cost flat. Current policy said every new housing project must have develop low cost flat for poor people. The rule did not emphasis who is entitle and did not bar any transfer of the said low cost to rich man.

So, who ever have money can buy it and rent it out. Based on the cost set up by Government, the maximum selling price is RM42,000. So, those people use several ways to grab it as own assets. Finally who ever is poor must rent from them.

I do agree Government apply PPR because the policy set up to assist low income group and not purpose for people treated it as improving the economic requirement. I am just worry the minister think it and would not adopting it because of politic agenda.

The new system implement it can help poor people stand in the strong ground and they do not worry about their low income can not survive in the high quality environment. So that the contribution of their effort into country economic would not wasted. Asia countries should be able help such group people by way of indirect support of their living cost rather than follow Euro and USA given the welfare by way of encourage them free of work.

Those poor group should understand such policy give priority to them to live in the standard way and not luxury way. There should not allow them free trading on low cost with good profit margin. Government should make a strong policy discourage those politician use these as equipment for politic agenda.

Economic strong base create a good environment of investments. Those rich people should not in the list of owner of low cost flat. Shares market reflected the real valuable assets and not so easy affected by external issue.

Apart of the above, Government should think to restructure the Government Link Trust Funds. Like EPF, Tabung Haji, Socso, LTAT and others Islamic Funds. It should be priority on consolidated its capital, rather than use some other way to cover it and inform contributors they can receive the good yield/returns. If not one day the inflow or outflow can not balance. it will be like Greece or Italy or Pyramid game, the bubble will burst.

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