Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday some how got people laugh at me. Because I was too pessimistic on market move. Ask investors through their holding but eventually shares in KLSC steady and calm.

After a day, some people were regret on buying and also told me I am correct. I just tell them shares investment does not help me gain any appreciation because the fluctuation of shares price very fast. This minute you are right but next minute your are a looser. So, what is your step planning is more important.

Technically, In my opinion if shares price broke certain level, it hard to come back strong. Furthermore there is low volume on sell down. I do believed it can come down more because the volume and price did not run at same direction. So, there is a very weak support and discourage to hold any shares in hand.

I am not smiling because i am so sad about the disaster. Especially the natural dilemma happen on neighbour countries.

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