Friday, September 16, 2011

We need funds

A monkey offer selling about 9 billion bonds but actually in this end of the year they require another 60 billion to cover up the deficit and spending plus payment of interest due. So, who wants to giving them such funds.

Common sense tell us if someone got 1 billion in hand, I think he get enjoy his life over the coming 150 years. So, can you imagine that 69 billion just through out easy over the 5 years. That is big money/funds. They never think seriously how to refund the debt furthermore telling the people they need to work hard on that. They should not use such bonds to exchange the human needs. Actually the lender no need ask to buy directly through bonds market because as far as they are supply to them, they will receive bonds.

On the same time, USA's peoples now should forget the America Dream because as long as the basic need of human does not change. Japan and United Kingdom history will happen on them. They going to lose about 20 or 30 years of any improvement or economic may turn down as year of 1970. So are you feel desperate?

Monkey and cow story hidden up human basic need is important. You can not spend you father or you grand father money/assets as water. you need to maintain yours need by way of rightfully.

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