Monday, February 7, 2011

Sell your in hand Penny stock

Sell all yours penny stocks at these two days. The heavy adjustment coming soon on those stock. The index climb in Jan 2011 and now rally on penny stocks but it can't be sustained long.

Most of the penny stocks give a good return at these few days. But now is a time to pick it all out from yours pocket. Maybe you are predict these rally can spread over to others. But it hard to know. Euro open good by uncertain of middle east countries turmoil. That is not a good reason to give power to share market. Commodities starting its rally again. That will affected most of the people in the country suffering.

The high price of food and necessity stuff make most of the people care to spend. So, money depreciated fast and useless. Government feel out of control and less power on that. Recently you can noted most of the middle range of China commented "China was stand up in front of world". But based on what circumstances it can be last long. They spend few days back to hometown by costly transport, they spend few days to buy a ticket of train. They jam in traffic few day because of delivery of goods. It that all means countries already classified as well developing.

Nevertheless they can spend a lot to buy luxury. It is mean that they are always can do that. Power of currency is not because you can spend it easily. In my book, power of money is one day you can through it into water like shit and people tell you has been crazy. People care your pocket means that is value. If you spending it by way of buy things for own use, that is nothing.

So, prof will tell you. Use 72 rules to formula your to plan future wealth is positive thinking. Base on that 72 method can help you in one of the day be millionaire. Before that, your should please some one offer you constant rate in next 7.2 years or fixed rate at 14.4 years. Otherwise that is a stupid dream.

I do not know what is 72. I only know 72 can allow me spend it for few days. It more realistic on me. Without 2 dollars in hand, I can't buy a drink, without 70 that means I must hungry on coming few days. So, plan how to earn 72 is better.

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