Thursday, November 3, 2011

A bit Dream

A person with the kind personality, we can assumed that :  -
a)      He /she is a famous person.
b)      He/she easy to communicate with others
c)       He/she owned a wide relationship/ communication in difference industries or social affairs.
If I knowing him/her have such character, normally I will assign him as a PRO in my company. But If you wants to assign him be a CEO or leader into one company/country with full of crisis. You should able understand that has started a dilemma.
Referring to all cartoon series, kind personality welcome by those kids. Like Doremon, Tom & Jerry, Cinderalla or Ultraman, key person in such story with full of kind personality without failing to another. But everybody aware that is a story or tales. In fact, we should not take it so serious and applying into our social life.
Honestly, if you really understand the above said cartoon series. You also could found that Ultraman has super ability to fight with diagnasour, Jerry has intelligent ability to escape/run. Doremon has a magic pocket to draw some specific equipment to solve problem. Cinderalla is a hard working girl on household matters.
Of course as an ordinary human being, we do not have carry so specific ability. But, from learning or study help us to have certain ability to survive. Like, house wife can learn cooking skill to reduce the high expenses on daily meals. Husband can learn some carpenter/electrical skill to do some minor repairing/maintenance of household equipment.
As per my colleague mentioned, such historical famous person carried a strong ability to achieve, to explore, to develop, to create a new theory in the world. So, until today no one described them have good or kind personality in their success.
In my opinion, a staff with kind personality without any ability, he only can assign to do some designed tasks/mission. He is no creative and empty innovation idea, always use outdated information or lack of effectiveness because of too busy on social activities. So, we can predict his step of meeting the rapid changes of business environment is very slow. With a kind personality of him/her hardly to modify/rectify any leakage of company’s system to meet the current requirement because he/she more care about staffs’ feeling. And so, kind personality people hardly transform the bad situation. He can’t even transfer a realistic idea for necessary changing if in hand data is obsolete.
So after you has digest above little opinion. Now you should understand why HR department always face difficulties on recruit a person. There are always get blame by someone select a wrong person to fill vacancy.   “Is it kind personality or ability suitable be a staff of the company?” This question always bring up for discussion.
Like, We always said we should “ Do the right thing” and “ Do the thing right”. Is it the kind personality without any ability can adopt such thinking into their jobs? They can’t perhaps he have good minded to do the right thing but he can’t do the thing right because of lack of ability. On the other hand, who has ability he can make the thing right and then show the right thing as good example.
Let me highlighted some example for reference. First, In the accounts department, if the kind person appointed be Head of Department with lack of ability. Staffs will not keep the report in time and such accounting entry may not fulfill the Financial Act requirement. Subsequently, the bad effect bring into cash liquidity and company stability. Proper procedure in accounting is must and necessary. Set up the proper procedure require a good skill/ability for monitoring.
Second example is Marketing department, with a kind personality of marketing staff normally he owned strong customer base. Because such relationship bring a sale person but such relationship does not guarantee him obtain the bulk order from customers if the sale person did not proven the quality of the products. So, the sale person should have strong knowledge ability about the market trend and convince ability to introduce company’s product better than others.   
Honestly, I do not mind be a kind person but it should be applicable into “right time”, “right place’ & “right person”. So, normally such conditions can found in the family occasion/gathering time. Nevertheless, when I have such specific ability on special field I do not mind sharing the experience with others. It is better than always be a good friend during the assignment but the end results are always fail. It can easily created confuse and conflict.
At last, we can conclude if we have basic ability plus continues study some books. The kind personality and strong ability slowly will accumulate. But without any ability to absorb the new thingy or new theory, it can make you fail in your life.  Because the kind personality need time to accumulate, it is hardly to learn and guide.

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