Monday, September 12, 2011

Fat Cat

Now day a person who enjoy the higher benefit in the company and at last the company go for bankruptcy application. The personnel then we named it as " Fat Cat". In one company a leader always said they are eligible to enjoy such benefit because he/she can bring one company created the historical high revenue for the said company. But normally we only could found that the is rare or maybe one or two person can did that.

So, to balance up the poor and rich distance we should adopt a new system to rectify unusual things. We should encourage those people have good talent with good salary and benefits but that should excluded the company directors receive the same benefit because they have enjoying high dividend from company profit.

So, hard working skill people earn higher and shareholders cum directors enjoy profit/dividend. Government also can imposed some taxation for the transfer of share if the original shareholders pass away. Like 30% of sharesholding should transfer to special trusted funds for existing employee or if they insist transfer to relative the payment of taxation should be incur 50% to government. It can help employee enjoying the growth of the company as well as ignoring someone hate the beneficiary or 2nd generation of the fonder. And so, population like to work because he/she got long term benefit for him/her.

So, if someone reluctant to do that the government should tax on 50% of share transfer and restructure it accordingly to meet the requirement of market. It maybe stop historical business go for bankruptcy with operate by unknown/unskill person .

Fat Cat lose something in this area because every one can be a better than them. So, indirect way encourage people develop a base of training ground to the employee because every one appreciated company which can respect skill people/workers.

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