Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lawyer don't want KPI

Why lawyers so worries the KPI? Others professional like doctors, they must follow the guidance to rescue patient in time. Every operation case must do it in time. Accountant also must follow statutory time to submit the report. Why just only lawyers can be exempted?

As a Lawyer, they should aware every defender or plaintiff must work to pay their fees. If the case always postpone, it will hurt both parties. So, lawyers should not assume that law only applicable to rich people group. It belonging to every human being. So , every delay or purposely excuse will hurt ordinary people bear higher cost. The bar council some more said that judge did not allow them take medical leave. It brings me a surprise, Does he means if one of the bank manager take medical leave, does he should close down the branch for non servicing provided to customers. So, replacement someone attended to the case is their duty. No excuses!!!!

Come back to shares investment, if every one like ours country lawyer. Investors must pray everyday our bursa CEO do not fall sick. Otherwise, the dilemma will occur in capital and monetary market. As well as we always must pray Bank Negara's President also don't fall sick. So, every day our market will not base on profit or company performance to buy or invest shares. Everyday must guess who will fall sick on each day.

Market continues adjustment about 5 to 7 days. Most of the funds will looking the safety place. They are not going to take any risk on disaster.