Monday, September 12, 2011

Over used funds in hand

Misused or over used funds in hand make you suffering. Like those day, shares market fluctuated like hell. Why it can be happen? Hard working people stay in German, Holland, Finland and Denmark must work hard for another 14 countries people. Because they are over spending. (Euro money Zone comprising of 17 countries). Similar like you work for neighbour but they refuse to work to refund the debt. Damn shit feelings on you, furthermore they also asking more loan at now by way of subsidy of more guarantor given by you.

Euro Zone should demolish immediately and maintain it at 4 countries. Other should think about a way to qualify be a members. They should aware that they are not qualify to be a member. Shares market represented money. So, if money become useless indirectly brought the shares become useless paper.

USA should deem they are created such issue and quickly join up the government treasury with FED. So, they should be stop it by two way of using funds in hand. Because one party spend money by way of another party print money to settle it. That is a big corn deal.

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