Sunday, October 16, 2011

When You are not weLL?

20 years ago, My mum was a hawker. Ours never think about employ a foreign worker to help us up. During that time, if yours family are carrying a small business. Most of the family members must involved on that. Now, when you are walk around to find some foods from the stall. You should noted most the younger disappear to help parent to do such jobs. Most of the workers are foreigners. Such foreign worker every year help their countries earn multi billion back to home to develop the country. Our country GDP also indirect helping by them. So , such feeling brought uncomfortable. Such like fall in sick.

In those development countries likes Euro zone and USA. They also do not have skill or semi skill people to save such cost. So, they are trying hard on develop finance instrument to generated the GDP. Ignoring hard  working to earn a boil of rice. Such instrument created a gap in between of riches and poorer. The distance of unbalancing make 1% people enjoying multimillion resources in the countries. Such equipment also indirectly bring certain group of people pay lesser into social but enjoying most of the high end infrastructure.

The above trend now also happen in Malaysia. The Government continue encourage population employ low cost worker from Indonesia, Myamar and Vietnam. So that the cost of production lower but such businessman use it as weapon/excuse to ignore job opportunity to local people. Just indirect way kick off developing skill and semi skill people with good technology. So, there is no any incentive way to remain them stay into country for helping up of development.

When you are taste the food in front of you, you should able to noted 20 years ago delicious taste has gone. So that is a signal showed that our country need to continue give some subsidy to develop country. By the way, the subsidy amount partly has been pass it to foreign worker at here. So, Government so kind of it help other countries people survive with the same time transfer out our GDP to others.

So, Government compulsory extended the retirement age on that because the group of hard working people going to withdrawn heavily from local retirement funds. During the withdraw time from hard working people or oldest people, definitely the outflow will higher than inflow because younger do not know how to survive.

During the period of time, shares market may lost it heavily because of liquidation from local retirement funds. That time not only you are not feeling well as much as our country economic also must see doctor for diagnosis. When Greece happen such crisis, Government servant should capture some information as experience to ignore such story happen in our country. 

Why they select dead way for us? Why we should happy a while and forever suffer? Please take note as at today our Government related Trust Funds or Retirement funds never registered loss since it has been established although World and Local  shares market has lost/adjusted about 20 to 30%. 

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