Saturday, September 17, 2011

I don't want be Ugly look

When you have earning power with money saving in the bank. So, you are start worry about the crisis. You do not how to park safely on your saving. Like Libya ex-president. during his controlled the country he had use his power collecting the wealth. But now he not even can carry a ton of gold to run away with his long saving.

Ugly look like me hardly to enjoy any privilege granted by people. Especially smoking smile always surruonding me bring more hate from people.

So, in such way how to join the high leverage game to earn extra to ignore people still hate me on my ugly look. Nevertheless mostly ugly face blocked me step ahead than people. It can bring people easy stay away from me and ignore me to join any party. I do not happy on that but I do respect people how to identify me on such way.

In the share Investment game guided me a meaning of life with full spirit. And so helping me understand more theory in the books. Could I lose something on my ugly face. In the sense of respect of course I have never gain it. But in the range of up and down of the shares price,I may have it.

A monkey always claim that he can run faster than Cow but skipped step with jump always bring a dangerous hole in front. Destitute on me bring peaceful mind to enjoys during the financial crisis. So poor does not means I lose everything in my life.

I do believed when I no mood to write something at here means market will have one big adjustment. Of course people will claim that now market still not stable yet why I am here to write something. Is that means crisis is over?

Actually I am still negative. So most of the write up here just ignoring the trend/status of the market run/direction. Because I do believe as long as basic need of population never change. The crisis would not over and hardly to resolve. 6.8 billion people in the world need food and home. So, who will ignore by this trend and kick off by someone. I do not know. Hence, ugly face with me become meaningless when compared with it. Small matter, really is small matter. OH My Ugly Face.

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