Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why you need to pay higher price

Just a moment, crisis seems like over. So many people claim that they miss the boat to collect shares. Some how, when you are paying so much on crisis why you can't wait a second? Actually, this crisis worst than a bank go bankruptcy. That will not solve the problem by leader, they still asking to cut taxation and discourage people go to work. So, debts are continue and pass it to future.

Lender one day may think stupid why must borrow money to them. while the lender one day aware that this is not a good payee. They will pull out all the funds. Now they maybe start to do that.

So, the demand from local push them to do that so. The resources to export for oversea or poor man limited and so the dollar become useless. Those riches man still dreaming because of personal interest. They refuse to accept the fact and claim that machine can deliver more money for them to purchase. Shares market give an alert to everyone. So the biggest bomb had in the corner waiting for it. So, please do not pay higher price to purchase. Just run as fast as you can.