Saturday, February 12, 2011

I do not want be a PM................

If I am a PM of one country, when Australia's state was suffered in flood. I must call International Trade and Agriculture Minister give me some advice. I will ask them" How many type of foods we should export in from Australia. " Is it our local foods enough to support people in coming 3 months. If the answer is "No". I will ask Finance Minister buy in some commodities future to support our country demand. So many things need to do to prevent dilemma and also must ensure foods enough to supply to everyone.

When I have aware Egypt or Tunisia happen some politic turmoil. I should call Bank Negara to temporary stop any big trading of USD in International Market because most of foreign funds will prefer select keep USD as funds' reserve. Immediately stop any selling of Government Link Comapny's shares by KWSP, LTAT and Amanah Nasional. Further add in a rule to those funds out in these period if come back in next 3 months must inject at least 2 times of previous outflow.

So, the above step was taken in these period maybe could reduce market down like Thursday. A lot of people claim that most of the sell force by Foreigner. But referred back to daily transaction, foreign trading in Bursa less than 30%. So, local funds easily divert some attention of investors and mislead them market should have further adjustment.

I am believed market should one U turn. But not as those reporter or professional commented. My points of view are:-

a) Recently KLSE market started abnormal moved up about 3% but nearest regional market were fall down about 5 to 10% .
b) USA or DJ starting its rally.
c) Politic unstable applied to those countries who has one monopoly politic party.
d) The lower of USD brings shares price in DJ become cheap.

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