Monday, March 28, 2011


When market recently got impact adjustment by certain issues? Are you dare to invest? Speculators start panic on looking some money to settle the loss. Long term investors are restructure or sit there waiting for recovery. If your are a clean/zero holding, maybe think to do something on that.

Actually market not as everyone thought. Because a lot of people just used some issues or own thinking to predict the run. If they are panic. "people said what, they are doing/follow."

By the way, I am personal got few experience on delaying in the court case. In this year was happen 2 times already, the reason is same. File misplace. So, if lawyer association still asking longer period because of justice. Who will responsible on such circumstances or unforeseen issues?
Every delay or postpone have been made me in lose. In what way justice can reach to me?

So, one day I also need to tell bursa, please hold on for while because I haven't decide to sell or buy in yet. Otherwise, that is not fair. Maybe I am too much on that, because I need few thousand people to wait for me.

Of course, be patient to get the help by someone is a good attitude. But because of personal interest trying to delay always maybe covered by dirty minds/thinking. That is selfish and in consistence way. So simple is when everytime you had finished the assignment, please ask yourself " Are you feel guilty to do so".

Play shares with good attitude always bring yours a good return. When you are trying to capture some benefit from dirty way. One day you are going to lose everything. I have never think to buy in at low price. I hope everytime I bought, the seller got some return. So, I just use to chase stock never q to wait for the best price. Are you do the same way?