Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Should I Pay Tax

Most of the actions taken up Government are helping bank getting liquidity on their funds. They ignore to rescue those population with earn little to buy food.for surviving So it would continue encourage bank loan to some more inability country. Bank always give some problems to Government and use it as weapon although they are not base on earning power to grant the loan. The theory only apply to ordinary people who is not capable. They just eat those bad loan by way of earn highest interest rate because they knew that they won't lose. Finally Central bank will help them absorb it. They continue enjoy high profit and give highest bonus to board of directors and CEO.

So, Why should I pay tax? How come people can pay monthly installment for shop lot about 1,500 to 3,000 no need to pay tax? That is big curious for me. Government always claims that they have been enhance a team to execute the collection of taxation. But actually the effects are little.

My salary need to support 5 unemployed person with net income of RM3,000 but I need to pay heavy tax on that. Tax Department count that is my individual income and so most of the my income is pure income/net income. So, I have to pay tax.

Funny things are so many people carry a business and pay RM50 per month only but they can afford to own 2 shop lot and few units of low cost flat. Why have such unbalance system happen in the country. So, Tax department should not said they are short of man power. They have such authority to obtain some info from bank as well as from retirement scheme or insurance policy.

If those people can afford to buy million policy from insurance company. How come they can said they only earn 2,500 or 3,500 per month. Funny matters are those collectors and bank easy capture some info from DIGI, Maxis and TM to do their business. Why our government body lack on that?

Certain privacy info should block and certain enforcement must enforce but In fact that is the others way round about that. So, Government keep on claims to employ more staff in the tax department to waste the resources of country but actually the effect is null and void.

The bad attitude/culture has been adopted by Bank. Like those car loan collectors easy enter to customers data base to obtain the info as long as you give them a identical number. So, Maybank and CIMB not encourage to buy because they lose original ethic to carry on their business. Some others foreign bankers worst, they enter the government body to get info for every person.

That's a law provided they can do that. Is it the profit help them or encourage them to do so? If the god culture does not apply, one day the worst will going to apply on them. Like IT company collect all info when you are surfing website. So, others hackers enjoy the ultimate info and bring them in the bad status.

Like UBS in Switzerland grab all profit in hand from ETP and CDS trading but now one person destroyed all the profit with its capital. Shares Investment allow ordinary people ignore the high inflation rate and help you survive with necessary thingy. But now become as rich man's weapon to destroy poor people income by few second of time. Rescue by Government not helping you but continue support bank to take you hard earn money again to build their emperor.

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