Friday, November 11, 2011

What is my ability

Referring to dictionary, the meaning of “Ability” – a power can handling problems, skillful, and knowledge.
Recent decade we can see some genius appearing in difference industries. Like, computer/IT industries Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), Sengery Brin and Larry Page (founder of Google), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Bill gates (founder of Microsoft). With their innovation ability they have created some new theory in IT and so such new technology had completely changed entire human lifestyle.
In the natural Science, famous scientist Newton, Edison and Nobel with their ability to create, explore and identify some theory for us to understand more about the circle of natural.
Pablo Picasso, a famous painter and artist. Entertainer, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna or Micheal Jackson, they all are international superstar. Politician namely Mao Zedong, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Dato Sri Najib, Obama and Tang Xiao Peng, they all is a famous leader in their country.
So, so many famous people as mentioned above, please tell me who is the one owned kind personality become famous? 
Sometime we need to have a bit power struggle to carry on our mission. Especially during country crisis affairs, we should stay firm and steady to monitor such crisis back to normal, control the killing dilemma spread over. Otherwise, the situation would go worst.  So, during bad scenario is it be kind or please attitude can help you solve problems?
In a company, we have difference departments to carry the specific jobs in order to run the business smoothly. Now, let us identify some situation to describe whether we should have kind personality or we need to have certain ability to carry on our mission;
1)      Marketing Department – if the marketing personnel with a kind personality of course he is easily become famous. But the process of making one person being a kind-hearted and likeable personality will only lead to waste if they don’t understand and have the good knowledge of the company’s product. Finally the client will only place their order with the minimum quality.
Obviously, we should consider what is the type of products we intend offer to clients. Normally, if we selling the products like Insurance, Unit Trust or home care products, we should bring along the kind personality with the details of the product during we offer. The harmony element on the personality like soft spoken, gentleman and caring is such a favorable attitude for a person should have. In the time of presentation of yours product, it need you familiar the product. So, well knowing about your product is priority element follow by sincere attitude and so easily helping you close a better deal.
2)      QS Department- if QS do not have ability to calculate the quantity usage in one project. We should say he is disqualify. Because with the pleasant attitude or kind personality, he will easily convince by someone and so accept his comment to award the wrong contract to incapable people. So, HR should more consider skill of calculation than others and follow by honestly to recruit QS. So, he should be a person without any good manners but with strong ability to avoid company registered any loss in the project.
So, after some analyzing and summaries my little wild opinion, I have to say recruit a staff with the strong ability with little bit personality is very important. Because company cannot waste time to teach a person with specific skill but can easy guidance a person learn some good personality during the office hours.

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