Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why you are so worry about the taxation

Without the tax, country can't develop and economic does not step ahead with no infrastructure. There is no share market for you to invest. Rich people worry their assets not safe with no enforcement team. But due to our social respect riches man so most of the facilities misuse by certain group of people. So we are starting worry the taxation and use it to employ in-qualify people to develop the country.

As an ordinary people, feel that hard earned money easily deducted with taxation. With the payment of tax to a group of personnel do not know well manage the said funds. It was always brought frustrated and disappointed. Indirectly bring another group of population sitting there with reluctant to work and demand high social welfare.

Recently there is a big argument on additional tax on those house cost more than a million in Malaysia, Klang town. The newspaper was interview few people with opinion of objection. When refer to their identical you should aware they are high medium range people and maybe have own few units of million dollar houses. Are they opinion should acceptable?

So, we are start worry such opinions will divert authorities attention and finally we are suffer on that. Ordinary people no choice have to agree with those system because we are employee. So, monthly salary cannot hidden up and Inland Revenue Board easily detected you and force you to pay on that. Those people with few units of shop lot with 6 foreign workers only pay annual tax about few hundred dollar. If enforcement team hard working a bit, they can noted and easily help country collect more than billion of dollars.

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