Sunday, September 4, 2011

1250 -1

What is 1250? Maybe is 12.50 a burger. Maybe is RM1250 a i phone. Maybe is 1250 kilometer. Maybe is USD1250 per ounce of gold.

So many possibility on that. If you view is zero base, that is so much of difference, If yours view is 1500 or 2000 points of index. That is dangerous. Which level is comfortable for you?

So, actually it does not matter because when you are decided to buy in and aim for return about 30 to 50 points. Every level or point is correct that is provided the trend is up. 1250 does not stop you lose everything. Someone bought a beg cost 1250 but you only needed a beg cost 50. So , that is not a big deal on price.

Normally if i have predict the level, I will start buying around 50 points from that predicted level. Those analyst just telling you what is the level they hope to see. Not 100% it can be reached. So, they use people money to test the level, if they are right they show out to public. If they are wrong, they kept it. Just wonder they always said the value of the assets is there, but adjustment time they are keep on through out. So, what is the real value of the said assets.

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