Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is it a last chance?

This morning, after read news and view my chat bot. Most of the negative comment to KLSE equity market has delivered. That is a big warning.

Actually as a speculator, most important thing is share price must be fluctuated with fast. Otherwise I could not have chance to buy in or sell off. Of course, based on the comment and technical analysis, adjustment will coming. In my opinion, there is an opportunity to trade.

The big lose on my buying stock might happen but I should be able to take such risk. In the first place, I won't allow my lose registered unlimited loss. Also, it would not happen because my due date is coming soon. I have to sell it on/before due date.

High risk good return always in my mind.

My stocks in Hand: - Ramunia-Wa, Mobif and Saag-WA.

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