Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scomi, Incken & E&O

Why I had chose the above stocks? Because of: -

a) E& O - This counter recently did not perform outstanding and were not gave any good profit. But its constant at certain level and ignore any adjustment as well as ignore any rally on index. This is mainly due to someone has plan collect and accumulated its holding at this price range. It have own charactere like previously famous stocks like AnnJoo, Spsetia and Digi. I was given it high valuation, if one day or maybe within a 12 months, its price shut up same as SPsetia. I won't surprise.

b) Scomi - After a good rally was done at last Wednesday and Thursday. It was faced heavy adjustment on Friday and this week Monday. But yesterday surprising it would not hit below 67.5 and still stood at 69 cents. Is it a signal of achieved or challenge/break the recent high of 80? But that is not important. The good news is: - it had already like a market leader to others. If it sucessful hit higher than 80, KNM will given the number one title out to Scomi. That is funny and interesting.

If you wants to join my party, I am always welcome.
Stocks in hand : - Scomi & E &O & Incken

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