Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bad Day

Bad Day of me, a tactic used by to speculating is out. Yesterday I have managed select 2 stocks to play. But is did not help me minimise the lose. Accumulated lose is big and next week must settled it. Otherwise, account will be temporary suspend.

Of course, this is not because of KLSE equity market did not stable. Mainly due to I am a speculator and time of buying in is wrong. Holders might not same situation as me. I am facing a riches and funder hit. They trying kick off those speculator like me.

Foreign funds instruction of purchase is difference. They giving an order with price range. Normally they buying at price range of 10 cents for penny stocks and 50 cents for heavy weight counter. Example buying from 1.10 to 1.20. So, we can see the price jump up at 5 minutes with high volume with upper trend. After that the price will consolidated at that level.

Speculator like me if buying with them will auto kick off when reaching on the due day. My method is out but benefit to holders. Life is going on and now, this game will become more interesting.

Stock In Hand: - Ramunia -WA, SAAG-WA and Mobif

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KC said...

At a time like this, when the worse is over & we see the economy & stock market starting its recovery,the Buy & Hold may be better strategy for rally will last for 2-3 years.

Why attempt to time the market when we are convince that the world economy will recover by the year end or early next year?

This is a beginning of multi year rally which buy & hold a good undervalue stock should give the investor a handsome rewards.

The only factor now is on how to select a undervalue stock that can offer 100% returns in 1 or 2 years time.