Saturday, May 16, 2009

That is bad!

KLSE equity market made some adjustment on 2nd and 3rd liner counter, It were brought most of investors panic. The declined on such shares did not affected the index because of: -

a) Previously those index link counter had adjusted.
b) Some investors did not feel that seriously
c) Hoping from rebound

Actually this Monday, market had irrational move. But nobody aware that because penny stocks still gave them profit. They aim for better profit and hope that long rally continue. As a speculator, I had noted but obtained a lot of critisied. Nobody trusted me and further they blame me.

In fact if I am done such mistake and made wrong prediction just reduce their profit but if i am right on prediction, they will registered lose. Against me do not bring any benefit. Blame me also can't rescuse on their loses.

As i was mentioned, all my information derived from data. Its hardly wrong and beyond the fact. That is bad no one trusted me on that.

1 comment:

Yenn said... always trust ur opinion, I remember the warning that u give to us, afterward, the market start to retreat as what u expected.

keep up ur good work!