Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weak Holder Kicked Out

Today KLSE equity market given a surprise to everyone. It was hit 21 points higher than yesterday. But most of the player just busy on clear in hand stocks and most of them registered lose. It was given a lesson to investors, market were not controlled by you and me. It will choose its own way and kick off some people.

That is a good news for speculators, because everybody will start at beginning points again. No one have any advantages and privilege. So, today I have selected some stock to test the level. There are : - Scomi, Incken and E & O.

It may not given me any profit but is good to test current market's pulse. This is dangerous but worth to test before heavy buying. I am still remember E & O and Scomi are the first choice when I was in the market on 23/3/09. This round I chose them again.

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plas said...

Hi,I think I recognise you from Mercury Forum? nice to read yr blog and where are the old kaki??