Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do you choose listen on good news only?

As a speculator, I have to learn accept the good and bad news. I don’t like against the market force as well as don’t care others people reaction. Of course, someone chose listen you comment but actually they are prefers listening on good news only.

In the month of Jan to Mar 09, my blog recorded about 150 readers per day. But while equity market was hit closed to 980 points. The number of readers increased to 500 per day. These things happen because they are concern about some tips in my blog. Furthermore, during these periods of time I had continued writing some good news about the market.

But I can foresee the readers soon will give up reading my blog. Because these coming days I would not intend to continue my trading in the KLSE equity market. I want to spend all my gain to enjoy my life.

In fact, if you want comment something bad about the game to group of people who still enjoying the sweet and honey in the game. You will face difficult and cause people do not like you. Some how they prefer ignore you and start to hate you. They further bring thousand of excuse and reason blame you and criticised you.

Actually I do not care about their feeling. Because my objective is clear. Earned money from the rally of equity market and follow by enjoying life.

Of course, I should give a note at here because I have to faithful to everyone who trusted me. I must inform them I am temporary leaving equity market because I had found some uncertain things going to happen in the market.

However, we can’t select the news if you want to be a winner because facts would not erase it by way of ignore or escape.

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