Sunday, May 17, 2009

Assumption !

I have made few assumption on equity market, there are : -

a) Rotation adjustment on Index counter and Penny stocks in KLSE.
b) HK equity index go back below 15,000
c) Another impact from DJ.
d) Gold price up
e) Asian Pacific currency drop

The above assumption made entire world equity market swing down badly. A bad news about economic continue spread over. But that is last and final hit on equity market. After that, slowly recover on shares price and start created a strong base. But i do not know how long and how strong on this coming adjustment. I am waiting the data appearing and hope I can understand.

Due to the above, holders should start prepare in advance to minimise loses. Of course market would not predictable as I thought. But well prepare become necessary to meet such impact. All the time, I claimed myself a little bit crazy. Because equity market is crazy , I must work crazy like it.

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