Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life is meaning full

When you are stopping buy shares, you will feel life is meaning full. Actually playing shares required a lot knowledge and experience. I believe a lot people just watching one or two particular shares only. They do not care about environment/sentiment of market as well as other activities on others shares. So, they are hoping that shares bought by them must go up, others should go down. Finally, they also join into one group namely "lose gang" Why?

In the shares market, if you wants make money/profit. You should hope all shares up together. While people have earn money definite they will offer higher price to buy yours in hand shares . If you heart is selfish, every single cents also do not wants let go to other people. to earn it .At last, you stocks still in hand could not offer out and finally registered a big big lose.

In fact, I am well treat the data in front of me be my good friend . There are teaching me must be faithful, sincere and not cheating. Hence, the data also treat me well and inform me in advance. They telling me "what is the right time buy in or leaving" They never fail me as well as I also never cheat people.

While data in front of me blinking at every second, they had said something. You must learn to capture such information to plan you investment. Is it a miracle? No, every data representing a meaning. Please try hard learn on it.

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