Friday, May 15, 2009

Past Experience

Ten Years ago, Every time in the end of rally. I had found still holding some in hand stocks, those cost price far lower than current price. It was gave me regret and sad. Every hard money day by day lose and finally cut at one time. Such experience told me I am still navy and stupid.

Today, I saw a lot of people repeat my step as before. Although I warn them but usually they replied me they have strong enough holding power to wait. Soon of the later, while market rally come back we can see they only scare and stand away watch you are making money. After the rally almost over, they will follow. These story happen every time and repeat again.

Do you be same as them? Do you wants just like them open a big mouth with complaint? Do you wants keep on blaming? Do you wants push all the responsible to someone to reduce you mistake?

If you repeat the same reaction and emotion on yourself. At last, you are the loser. Please do not forget, I am a human being. My power wouldn't bring down the market points. My power wouldn't affect you decision? You lose wouldn't direct go to my pocket. My blog also do not have any convince power to affect you wealth.

So, market run as its way. I am just try my hard to explain it whatsoever I have known from the data which is appearing in the market.

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Mike Forex Cable said...

May I know how much u made this round? U have 0 shareholding now? WELL DONE