Monday, June 1, 2009

Ramunia-wa, SaaG –wa and Mobif

A difficult trading job at KLSE equity market. Although index had hit 17 points up but I couldn’t made any profit from that. Now, you should able select those stock with low volume and hold it. Like Ramunia –WA, seems like perform well in the first session but suddenly hit low and closed.

As I was mentioned, these up run give a credit to holders. Every time you chasing a stock, it will facing that stocks registered negative in few days until overdue. That stocks only hit up and give some others taken away you gain.

Is it unusual? No. Because it has give a signal to investors. Playing shares must have enough funds in hand. It has also given a warning to speculators, please do not play contra.

As a speculator, now only one way can do. Just roll over the stocks in hand to extend the due day. It was required a lot of funds in hand to settle the contra loss.

Like me, accounts was temporary suspend and not allow buy in.

Stocks in Hand: - Ramunia-wa, SaaG –wa and Mobif

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