Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ramunia-WA, & Dbhd

Remember at 4.15pm yesterday, I had just talked about Bjcorp and its LC at here. But this 2 stocks start moved up at about 4.25pm. I have make some profit from that.

Today I wants to talk about this 2 company. Recently Ramunia have a deal with SimeEng. It was confirmed on 4 of June signing the agreement. Today most of the oil stocks faced heavy delivery and did not perform well. If you trust market will go on and hit another level. Oil stock maybe should taken into your consideration to buy in. In order to minimise the risk, in my point of view, Ramunia _WA is the best choice.

In year 2007, Dbhd is a superstar and helps a lot investors enjoy the rally. Now, terbau have go back the rally, but Dbhd still left behind. Recently it was hit 26.5 as year high. I think if its can broke this level, another wild move will happen on it.

Last 2 days, scomi, incken brings me a big loss. Hope there were not happen again.
My stocks in hand are: - Ramunia _Wa, Dbhd, Mobif and Kinstel.

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