Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do you Learn?

Yesterday I was too late stepped into broking firm. As usual, lot of investors still enjoying the rally. I am walk around and couldn't comment anything. Because I do believe when people concentrate playing a game, i should be quite.

I noted some heavy weight counter still consolidated at one level. it would not giving any profit to everyone. But those who like playing the penny stocks maybe still gain some profit. Is it a signal to turn down? I do not know. I am watching, thinking and analyst on that.

But I am happy my self control improve. previously in this period of time or as well as the penny stocks still moving. I were not give up and continue playing. This round I learn some tactic/ I will keep it for next coming round. Maybe can double up my profit.

I am waiting my payment and preparing spend all money for my family trip. So, next round I should earn more and keep it for my own. These few days, I am hearing a lot people saying they wants to keep it the said stocks to meet the target. I have also hearing this stock can reach that level and the other one going to move another 10 to 15 cents.

In fact, a lot of people had changed the attitude on current status on global economic. The V diagram has highlight and was agreed. Hence, they had concluded the recovery coming soon. They further advise me buy in. I am temporary quit because I am tired. In fact, my brain has stuck and can't know about the individual support level and resistance level on individual share's price.

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Unknown said...

I salute u! u definitely making the right decision!