Monday, May 18, 2009

No Chance

KLSE equity market in the first session registered at negative with traded at high volume. The volume done on the screen could not give/convince me any reasons should buy in at this level. A lot of writer/analyst highlighted the support level at 1000 points. In my point of view, 1000 points is not the real support level. Actually, they have been misleads group of people who trusted them start buying.
Actually in my opinion, to identify the first support is not easy. It should be on the 3 times or 3 days consecutive hit the same level. That level only can be the first support level. At this moment of time, I must be a negative investor. I also trying convinced some one who trusted me must caution.

In this game rule, if you are never trading. Market hardly eating yours in hand resources. You also required be patient and having some self-control. Actually, that is difficult to control. Similar like me, I must keep on remind myself.

Today KLSE equity market mostly follow others market step. It had indicated own sentiment has been spoilt and easily convinces by others. In these circumstances, I am preferred it’s continue hit down badly three days. Maybe it could found the first support and given me a chance to buy in and earn some money. But it was failed and performs as mixed run. It given me an alert, I should not buy in at this period of time

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