Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kinstel and Sanbumi

Today, KLSE equity market in the first session most of the hot stocks opened at high closed at low. It was gave most of the investors panic and worries. Is it market want to have big adjustment or turn down will inform you in such method? The answer is definite not like these. Hence, I have classified it, market needed a rest for consolidation.

Market wouldn’t give you any warning if it wants to have adjustment. It will quite did it and you would not aware at all. While you are noted, market had weak and registered the low price.

Why today I selected Kinstel? Actually Kinstel is a leader in the steel bar industrial. If you confident Lionind should stand above 1.00. There is no reason Kinstel can not touch 80. If kinstel maintain at 60, market would not healthy and most of the fund manager will lose their job. Like UEMland and MRCB always difference about 10 cents at these rally.

In order to highlight Kinstel price match with current index point. I think fund manager will do some funny show on this counter. Of course, this is speculator issue on Kinstel.

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