Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fear and Hapiness

"你是我最苦涩的等待, 让我欢喜又害怕未来" "You are my extremely waiting for it, brings me happiness and fear about future." A Chinese famous song namely " 哭砂". The meaning of first and second sentence of its lyrics. It had 100% reflected most of the equity investors' emotion.

When you are reading this post, I am on my way to holiday.

Monday when market open, it might give me an impact on loss. I hope I can turn it to positive. Loss feeling does not brings me fear but had told me in this round, I had faced some stronger player and better trader in the market. This round the opponent parties much more stronger than what i have expect. They have own a solid bullet (money). They do not care about the current price and buy in at certain price range. They have set the target price on every stock it have lockup by them. They also do not care about short term loss on unrealised stocks.

Is it that will brings me fear and worry? That is not. I am plans to change some tactic to face and meet this new environment. More patient and steady compulsory required in this coming round of rally. Otherwise easy kick off by such impact of adjustment.

Happy surrounding me although I might lose but it have guide me a new experience. It should easy to capture it especially lose would brings you more fears and tension.

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