Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Holding Stocks

Sometime readers would wondering why I had sold out my stocks so fast and just earned a little money from that. In my theory of speculating, I am always believed the profit should distributed to all. My had planned as far as today my profit is better than my daily wages. I am happy and also should allow people enjoy from that.

So, every stocks for my minimum earning should have one cents extra from my cost with minimum of 50 lots. If you traded as these theory, you would not hold more stocks during heavy adjustment in the equity market.

Refer to KLSE yesterday performance, Index link counter registered high price and leading the market recover all the points back. It was indirect told us, market would not brings any bad impact in the early day of next week. It should be easily hit and cross over the 1,000 points by high volume.

For me, it is a difficult task to select the high yield return stock to play. So, I has to remain last friday stocks to enjoy the coming rally on coming Monday. In hand stocks are : - MKland, Johan and Sanbumi.

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