Sunday, May 10, 2009

Genting Trip

Yesterday I was invited by one of my friend visit Genting's casino. Last few years ago, I was frequently visited the place and playing Roulette game. It was helped me earned some money from that as well as getting some free points.

Resort Berhad is subsidiary company of Genting, it's helping to manage the casino at Genting Highland. But now it listing price drift at 2.31 to 2.50. Why this rally round it can't acheived better price than Genting? Maybe its looking/waiting some good news. Or some big funder trying pull it at that level for easy monitor. So, finally it will giving a surprise to everyone soon.

Along the trip, I found that the place still attractive people and continue earn profit from consumer. Like us, 3 out of 4 is losing money in the casino game. The earning rate about 75%.

Today morning our super analyst in the local newspaper still commented market soon be adjusted. Maybe 20 times projected, they may correct one or two times.

However, I am soon leaving equity market because I wants to spend some hard earn money to paint some colour onto my life. I do not wants my life surrounding by figure.

Stocks in hand: - Bjcorp-LC, Mulpha and Resort

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