Friday, May 8, 2009

Mulpha, Mulpha -WA Bj Corp LC and Resort

A bad day for everyone who sold thier holding in the morning. Actually market had a good rally on last few days, It needed a rest.

I am enjoying the game becuase although I never earned much on last few days but I had managed earn some daily expenses. Until today, I couldn't find any good stocks to buy in and enjoy the huge/big yield. How about you?
I just took some profit and enjoy my life. It will remind me this is my hard earn money. I should taste it and use it for my life.
Now, My stocklist changed again after market closed. There are: Mulpha, Mulpha -WA, Bj corp LC and Resort.


plas said...

this bull is the strongest I've ever ppl are laughing to the banks as we speak.make no secret of yr stock pick,it's a no brainer.wait till you see L.U.,then the superBull will make ppl cow peh cow boh..the bull is back with vengence

古小玉 said...

I think the trend has swung to mesdaq stocks, i already started to buy those stocks < 0.05.

plas said...

yes,mesdaq next and 2nd board
enjoy the bull ride while it last.