Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Investment Value Reduce

From 23 March 2009 until yesterday, Everytime I am playing per equity by minimum volume of 50 lots and keep daily investment value of RM120k at everyday. But, today I have start reduce the value at 50k per day or plans to quit soon. I need a rest.

In the past 30 days, my data in hand had fully utilised. I can't search stock I am familiar. I can't believe the resistance of such stock has been broke. I am not even known What is the next level. Yesterday, I was sat in front of display screen of computer. I couldn't understand the stocks price, Just has a feeling "So Close So Far".

The above factors happen on me, Is that a warning to me? I don't know. In fact, shares price and playing shares already bind me on daily. Those circumstances should not happen on me.

My points of view, market index will continue move as these few days. So, I prefer keep low value of share in my hand.

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